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Cave Dweller/The One- An Epic Poem

“Cave Dweller”

…When a door is opened in the darkness and the sunlight pierces through the shadows, there is a wind that stirs that which has been stagnant for ions. When that light breaks into the entrance of the cave door it stirs up all creatures that live therein. This is the story of one…


The creature cries out, “My eyes are blinded! What is this light and who is behind it! Who has stirred me from my place of peace? What a wonder this is, what a great mystery!”
Then out of the brightness a soft voice consoles, “You are made in His likeness, but ye MUST be made whole!”
Says the creature, “How dare you insult my intelligence with that sweet smelling savor and a voice of benevolence! How do I know that you’re not just like me?”
The new creature speaks, “I used to be. Come into the Light, come into the warmth. I will not bite and you will not be harmed.”
The creature looks out and God opens his eyes!
BUT, the shadow of darkness has planned his demise, attacking his mind with doubt and aggression.  Then the great fear of the unknown sets in.
“This light is very nice. This light is warm. But this cold, dark darkness is all I’ve known.”
He retreats defensively.
“How dare you try to take me from my home.”
The voice speaks out, “That cave will be your tomb. You can’t grow in there, there’s just no room! There’s HOPE out here, there’s new life awaiting…”
“I don’t want to hear anymore of what you’re saying! How dare you come in here and disturb my existence! And be so annoying and yet so persistent! This is all there is! THIS is living! I don’t care about your light or whatever it’s giving! This is all that it takes…”
“You must be forgiven…”
“Forgiven for WHAT?!”
“For the life that you’re living. Your sins against The One”
“The one that has died?”
“And The One that will COME!...When you see Him you will see Him in one of two ways. And those two ways are like Night and Day. You see, there’s a Lion and then there’s a Lamb…”
“How dare you try to tell me who I am! First, I’m not living right because I’m not in the Light, now I must be forgiven for the way that I’m living? What if I get out there and I’m not pleasing to this One? What if I do stray away and the Lion comes? What if I can’t make it? What will “the One” do!?”
“To overcome, He will give you a tool. He will give you power. He will show you the way. “
“Come back tomorrow, I just can’t today. You’ve thrown me off guard, what do you want me to say? All I’ve ever seen is night but you bring a Light and a Way.”
He stops and reflects, taking it all in.
“Do you really speak truth or are you just an apparition?”
“Have faith in Him and step over this partition. You will never regret it and you will never look back. You will still be tempted but you’ll have POWER to act. You have NO idea what’s really in store. Don’t you want life? Don’t you want MORE?”
The creature’s heart stirs and begins fastly beating.
“Maybe there IS more than just this FEELING. Maybe there IS meaning to this Word spoken in love. Maybe there’s MORE to the One who’s above!”
All a-sudden the creature stands and LEAPS for the door!
“I long to be FREE, to be chained no more! I WANT the renewal, I WANT the Son! New creature, new creature, SHOW me to The ONE!”


…That old creature, now reNEWed, walks forward with assurance, with patience, in love, in light with endurance. No more dwelling in caves bathed in doubt, fear and yearning, but inside this creature’s soul, there’s a Spirit that’s BURNING.

The One who cries for you is crying out to you, beckoning for you to come. If you dwell in a shell or a cave of your own….ask me about The One…



A New Creature

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