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Till the Ground- a poem about ministering to the outcasts

There's a dry spot in the harvest,
A place pushed to the back,
   Till the ground...
For all who have claimed to care have beat it and left it cracked,
   Till the ground,
That shunned mound of wounds and broken hearts and dreams,
   Till the ground,
Let God bring the increase until the fruit busts from the seams,
   Till the ground,
For you have been CHOSEN for a time such as this,
   Till the ground,
Your destiny frozen, held back by prejudice,
   Till the ground,
Don't you listen to their words,
Their sneers and jeers of hate,
   Till the ground!
Spread the water of the Word and WATCH what He creates!
   Till the ground!
You've been blessed with a gift to see gray and white and black,
   Till the ground...
'Til the sweat drips down your brow, just don't break your back,
   Till the ground!
Pull up the weeds! Let the buds know they can bloom!
   Till the ground!
Cry out to them! His Majesty is coming soon!
The harvest is plenty, but the laborers are few.
Till the ground 'till Jesus comes...He'll show you what to do.
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  • Amazing keep writing sis

    Desiree mercado

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