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"He Says He Loves Me"- A poem about redemption

He says he loves me,
As he takes away my youth,
He says he loves me as he tells me to disguise the truth
with lies that he’s concocted,
Not knowing it was wrong, not knowing how to stop,
What can a 7-year-old say to an adult about the way that he touches her?
What can she say about the “game” that they play
with no clothes, all toes and much—shame?
(he says he loves me)
Fast forward to the age of sexual maturity, Flower already taken by moral impurity, Why hold back now?
She gave, some took, some tried to take, Some groaned, some groped, some tried to rape,
(he says he loves me)
and that’s all she wanted to hear.
Exhortations of her beauty seemed to cure the fear that
she was ugly,
Even if only for a moment (he says he loves me)
Tears fall down her face as she wishes she could erase her past or face her last breath regretting not provoking her
(he says he loves me)
Longing to Belong
Beaten, bruised, and scarred,
Yearning for a healer for her already charred heart (He says He loves me)
she hears a still voice in the night,
As she weeps in sobbing hands, it whispers,
“It will be alright.”
(He says He loves me.), but just how can this be?
There’re so many holes inside her now, so many voids
and cracks and pain.
She gave herself to anyone who would take her, she gave in hopes to gain!
She’s all poured out now, a hollow shell,
except for all the shame! (Then, He says He loves me)
She says, “I don’t know how that could be.”
For what parts of me are left to love? What could you
possibly see?
(Still, He says He’s loved me)
“Before I was in my mother’s womb.
Had she known the pain I’d suffer; her belly would have been my tomb!”
(Yet, He says He loves me)
Burning tears sear down her face,
“If you knew the muck I’d walked through, You wouldn’t embrace such a disgrace” (Still, He says He loves me)
“But who am I to love?
Far too broken from pain unspoken. could my help be
from above?”
(He says He loves. me)
So, one day, she comes to Him.
Tired of running, tired of crying, tired of trying to
run from Him,
“Look, He says He loves me!
Eve Before Fruit
So, it doesn’t matter if you don’t, And even if I fail to love myself, He’ll even love me where I won’t!
He loves the broken pieces, For there is a Golden Mend!
And no matter the shatters of the heart, He can put them together again!
He says He LOVES me! And the ‘He’ is Jesus Christ! He is God, He is the Son,
and it is HE who’s saved my life,
Because HE said HE loves me!!
Unconditionally. Unabashedly.
Wholly and completely.
And that’s all I needed to hear. “He says He loves me.”
“He says He loves me.”
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