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The Journey of a Purpose Pursuer

An Offering Made by Fire, A Sweet Aroma to the Lord.

Will I allow Him to purify my pieces in Holy flame for His glory and the health of my countenance? Will I let myself to be broken before Him, even by Him, offering up the sweet-smelling sacrifice of my will for His?

My Directorial Debut- The visual book trailer for "Eve Before Fruit"

Plot: A young girl is tricked into forfeiting her innocence, just like Eve in the Garden of Eden. But then, covered in shame and the manifestation of all of her trauma, she meets the same Savior that was prophesied to that same Eve in Genesis 3:15.

The Impossible Dream

I imagine how it would be to run into her arms and smell a scent that ignites the deepest nostalgia from the furthest recesses of my mind and my heart. Or to, once again, be held in the nurturingly warm arms that cradled me as a baby, and then a child… but never as a teenager or adult.

Till the Ground- a poem about ministering to the outcasts

There's a dry spot in the harvest, A place pushed to the back,    Till the ground... For all who have claimed to care have beat it and left it cracked,    Till the ground.

"He Says He Loves Me"- A poem about redemption

Exhortations of her beauty seemed to cure the fear that she was ugly, Even if only for a moment (he says he loves me)

Cave Dweller/The One- An Epic Poem

…That old creature, now reNEWed, walks forward with assurance, with patience, in love, in light with endurance. No more dwelling in caves bathed in doubt, fear and yearning, but inside this creature’s soul, there’s a Spirit that’s BURNING. The One who cries for you is crying out to you, beckoning for you to come. If you dwell in a shell or a cave of your own….ask me about The One…

Finding the Strength of my Voice

It is time for the caged bird to hear the beauty of her song against the winds of open air. It is time for me to SING.

The Delicate Fawn

I am just now realizing, for the very first time, that there is a name for the feeling that I’ve often felt when faced with instances of real or imagined confrontation. That feeling that causes my mind to revert back to a place of wounded nostalgia, employing my oldest survival tactic in effort to avoid blowing a flame into a wildfire. I fawn.

Severing the Ties of Self-Sabatoge

I have to stop making excuses where God has already made supernatural provision. God doesn’t expect me to move mountains with my own strength because He knows that the weight and pressure of the act would be far too much for my mortal body to bear. There is much too much that God has placed in me. And though I may not be able to able to accomplish mighty and miraculous feats on my own...with God all things are possible
Schließen (Esc)

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